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Pay My Provider through CareCredit!

What is CareCredit?

CareCredit is a healthcare credit card for your healthcare needs. CareCredit helps you pay for out of pocket health related expenses over time to help manage larger bills received through your dental, medical, and even veterinarian offices! You can use CareCredit anywhere that accepts CareCredit, and you can use the account over and over again. With manageable repayment plans, and no-interest plans available, you can manage your doctor bill on your financial terms!

What is Pay My Provider?

Anyone with an active CareCredit account can now pay their providers through the CareCredit online secure payment portal on their own time. Just visit this link to go directly to Pay My Provider: Patients can now log into their account, choose the financing option that best fits their budget, and pay the provider directly. The provider will receive a notification that the bill has been paid, and you are all set! Convenient, time-saving, and secure.

What if I don’t have a CareCredit account?

If you don’t have a CareCredit account yet, the online application is easy, fast and secure. You can find out in minutes your approval and the amount you are approved for. It’s that easy! Follow this link to apply today: CareCredit is a great option for larger treatment plans, better financial planning to pay out over time, and the versatility of being able to use CareCredit at more than one office.


If you have any questions about CareCredit, or how it can work specifically for you and your treatment, please give our office a call today and we’ll be happy to explain CareCredit and its many benefits.

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