CEREC One-Visit Dentistry

Get your new dental crown in just one visit to the dentist!

Dr. Schmidly of Lifestyle Dental building a CEREC Crown CEREC Crowns - One Visit Dentistry Springfield, MOWe are proud to offer one visit crowns to our patients using the CEREC (CERamic REConstruction) technology!
Using the latest in technology, we are able to prepare a tooth for a crown, scan the prepared area into our digital system, and then create the crown right in the office!

There are many benefits to a patient when a one visit crown is proposed for them:

  • Less scheduled appointment time! Patients don't have to have a follow-up appointments to deliver the crown as in the case of crowns sent off to a lab to be prepared, which translates into less missed work or school time!
  • No temporary crowns to worry about! Patients will leave with the actual crown the day of their appointment, within their appointment time! Patients don't have to worry about having a temporary crown to "be careful with" between preparing for a crown and having the actual crown placed.

  • Less stress to the patient in the chair!
    Patients really only like to get numb once, so let's do it just once! Unless absolutely necessary for a lab crown, the patient is in the chair one time, numbed one time, and leaves with the permanent crown.

  • Better doctor control!
    The doctor is able to adjust the crown right on the computer screen before placing it in the patient's mouth, avoiding sending a crown back and forth to a lab for adjustments. This means a better fit and a better experience for the patient!

CEREC technology is a great way for us to offer full porcelain ceramic restorations that blend beautifully into your natural smile to produce the best result possible. If you are interested in our one visit crowns, call us today for more information!

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