Why #iCare….. Cathy C.

Why we care about Harmony House and the iCare Campaign.

Our goal for our fundraiser for Harmony House and their iCare campaign is to raise awareness about domestic violence. It is not an issue for “someone else” or “others”, it is happening around you, to your friends, family, neighbors, people you talk with daily and come into contact with. What about that sad cashier that just didn’t seem into her job today? Could she be a victim? What about your pharmacist, your doctor, your food delivery person? It’s a silent problem that many aren’t willing to talk about or share, but we are here to open the conversation and share about why we, at Lifestyle Dental, and as individuals, care.

Cathy works at the front desk and assists in the back. You may have talked to her over the phone, been greeted by her smiling face when you walk in the door, or have checked out with her after your appointment is over. She is the “front door” of our office and she is sharing why she cares….


“I care because domestic abuse is a very sad reality for too many. Sad that Greene County counts among the highest counties in Missouri for domestic violence. We can help Harmony House make a difference in a life. Reach out a hand of comfort and safety with your contribution.”

We are raising funds for Harmony House through the month of October at the office through raffle tickets for two great prizes. $1 per raffle ticket, you don’t have to be a patient to enter (so spread the word!), and we accept cash or check at the office. You can win a fire pit with all the goodies inside, or a gift pack from The Cutting Edge Salon. Enter today, and help bring domestic violence out in the open, and be a part of stopping the cycle. Thank you.

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