We love our clients and look forward to making you part of our satisfied family. We Aim for 100% Satisfaction.


Jan Says...

I really want to compare your office to Cheers, the neighborhood pub…where everybody knows your name. And that’s how I really feel.


Mike Says...

They care about me and my health! The first time I went to Lifestyle Dental I was surprised when Dr. Schmidly examined my neck, chin, and face. Recently, he noticed a spot on my lip and recommended a precautionary visit to a dermatologist. The dermatologist was surprised that my dentist made the discovery. Fortunately, it was only sun damage. I can’t express the level of comfort and confidence I have in the Lifestyle Dental team because they really care about me and my health!


Karen S. Says...

Proactive Planning!  Dr. Schmidly and his staff always communicate what I need to do to maintain a pro-active approach to my dental health.


Dr. Tom. Says...

Klearway is light weight, not cumbersome. The Klearway appliance took away my symptoms of sleep apnea. I chose it because it is lightweight it fits good and it’s not cumbersome, like the CPAP machine.


Barry Says...

We love the atmosphere around the office. The staff is always professional, upbeat, and they make our visits fun. Dr. Schmidly and his staff have helped us over the years with our normal checkups, whitenings, fillings, and crowns, etc. We all get the biggest kick out of Dr. Schmidly “HUMMING A TUNE” as he does his work! we recommend you and your family to HUM along with Dr. Schmidly and his staff.


Michael Says...

Dr. Schmidly and staff made a dynamic team! I am continually impressed with their quality of work. I know they will take care of me just as they would care for a family member! I appreciate them all very much and enjoy being part of their dental family.


Tammy C. Says...

Using the CEREC crown system to get my crown in one visit was amazing!! Not only was it a simple and quick procedure but it saved me my most valuable asset… TIME!


Trevor B. Says...

Invisalign is comfortable and easy. I forget that I even have them on! And the office is full of friendly professional people that take care of your dental issues with ease.

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