Preventive Dentistry

Maintaining good dental health is key to your overall general health.

Preventive Dentistry starts at home and continues in the office. You can take steps toward preventing any large, expensive, issues from happening by brushing and flossing daily and attending your checkups in the office. We, here in the office, will assist with preventive care by diagnosing any potential issues early before they turn into major ones! Preventive care starts at an early age, so stressing the importance of good dental hygiene from an early age will help to form strong, healthy habits later in life!

preventive dentistry makes for a good smileWays patients can contribute to preventive maintenance:

  • Daily brushing and flossing to remove debris and prevent bacteria from penetrating the tooth surface leading to decay. Remember, flossing is just as important as brushing!
  • Sealants. Obtaining sealants on the back molars from when the molars erupt can help to prevent damage and decay during the earlier years. Sealants are usually administered by either the hygienist or dentist and are usually diagnosed at the first signs of fully erupted molars.
  • Attending your dental checkups. Coming in for your twice a year cleaning and checkup appointments will allow the dentist and hygienist to maintain proper dental care and help to catch any issues early. This can prevent costly dental repairs and cleanings down the road.
  • Eating a healthy diet and having a healthy lifestyle. More and more research is pointing to the connection between dentistry and the rest of the body. Bacteria and problems dentally are starting to show a direct link to other major health diseases. In preventing major dental issues by maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle, you can help yourself with other major health issues and problems.