Why #iCare… Cathy K.

Why we care about Harmony House and the iCare Campaign.


Our next staff member to share about why they care about domestic violence is a familiar face here to many. Cathy is one of our talented hygienists and has been with Lifestyle Dental for years. She has taken care of many of you and your dental needs through the years and loves to share her knowledge and compassion. Her focus is truly the well being of every patient, and getting to know you beyond just your dental chart. She has a huge heart and her passion for her family, friends, and patients shine through each and every day. Today, Cathy is sharing in her own words why she cares about domestic violence.


“Domestic Violence Awareness is important to me because I have 3 beautiful granddaughters and it is all of our responsibilities to educate girls that violence is never to be tolerated. Violence is never the answer and I want them to know to seek help when they see the warning signs. A public campaign is the best way to start to educate these young girls and stop the cycles of violence.”

We are raising funds for Harmony House through the month of October at the office through raffle tickets for two great prizes. $1 per raffle ticket, you don’t have to be a patient to enter (so spread the word!), and we accept cash or check at the office. You can win a fire pit with all the goodies inside, or a gift pack from The Cutting Edge Salon. Enter today, and help bring domestic violence out in the open, and be a part of stopping the cycle. Thank you.

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