Why #iCare… Dr. Schmidly

Why we care about Harmony House and the iCare Campaign.


Dr. Schmidly has had Harmony House on his heart for quite a while. After donating to Harmony House for a while now, the opportunity for Lifestyle Dental as a business to participate in the iCare campaign came about. He jumped at the opportunity to be a part of this wonderful cause. You can ask any of our patients and they would agree that Dr. Schmidly truly cares about his patients, their well being (dentally and otherwise), and makes all patients feel comfortable and welcome in his practice. With his laid back demeanor and soft spoken chair-side manner (he also likes to sing when working!), all of our patients feel at ease when visiting. Today, Dr. Schmidly shares why he cares about domestic violence.


“I care about fight domestic violence because I have a daughter. I want my daughter and every woman to be treated with respect. Please help make our future world a safer, less violent place for all. Help Harmony House provide shelter, education, and life-building skills. All help, whether through volunteering or donating is helping to bring domestic violence out of the shadows and into the conversation.”

We are raising funds for Harmony House through the month of October at the office through raffle tickets for two great prizes. $1 per raffle ticket, you don’t have to be a patient to enter (so spread the word!), and we accept cash or check at the office. You can win a fire pit with all the goodies inside, or a gift pack from The Cutting Edge Salon. Enter today, and help bring domestic violence out in the open, and be a part of stopping the cycle. Thank you.

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