Why #iCare… Kim B.

Why we care about Harmony House and the iCare Campaign.


Kim is our newest member of the Lifestyle Dental family. She is a hygienist and has adapted to our staff and patients seamlessly. She already has an amazing reputation with the patients that she has met and worked on, and her passion for helping others shines through in her work. She has a huge heart and can be heard laughing with patients and making them feel completely comfortable in her chair. If you haven’t met Kim yet, be sure to look for her at the office at your next visit! Today, she shares why she cares about domestic violence.


“#iCare because every woman and child deserves to live in a home free from fear. Free from abuse and violence. Help us give them a chance to start over. Our contributions can help Harmony House provide shelter, food, and so many of the other things we take for granted. Help us help Harmony House.”

We are raising funds for Harmony House through the month of October at the office through raffle tickets for two great prizes. $1 per raffle ticket, you don’t have to be a patient to enter (so spread the word!), and we accept cash or check at the office. You can win a fire pit with all the goodies inside, or a gift pack from The Cutting Edge Salon. Enter today, and help bring domestic violence out in the open, and be a part of stopping the cycle. Thank you.

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