Why #iCare… Kristain L.

Why we care about Harmony House and the iCare Campaign.


If you have ever had any work done outside of the hygiene rooms, or been in Invisalign with us, you have met Dr. Schmidly’s assistant, Kristain. Her compassion and laughter fills the rooms, making patients feel like part of the family when they are in her chair. Kristain has a way of comforting even the most nervous patients, and finds ways to inject a little humor into the day every chance she gets! We can thank her for most of our funny posts about Dr. Schmidly on Facebook! She is always ready and willing to help out someone in need and if you find yourself needing dental work, you couldn’t have found yourself in better hands than Kristain. Today, she is sharing why she cares about domestic violence.


“#iCare about Domestic Violence Awareness because domestic violence has become an epidemic! It affects individuals and families in all communities and isn’t prejudiced. Domestic violence steals dignity, frightens and scars people for life! #iCare because I want to teach my daughter the right way to resolve differences.”

We are raising funds for Harmony House through the month of October at the office through raffle tickets for two great prizes. $1 per raffle ticket, you don’t have to be a patient to enter (so spread the word!), and we accept cash or check at the office. You can win a fire pit with all the goodies inside, or a gift pack from The Cutting Edge Salon. Enter today, and help bring domestic violence out in the open, and be a part of stopping the cycle. Thank you.

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